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Come and meet the Boat Register team at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show

Come and meet the Boat Register team and have a drink with us at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show, 6th June to 8th June at Beale Park. It is a great show with a wide variety of attractions in addition to the boat show, and is a great day out if you have children.

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Maritime and Coastguard Agency endorses Boat Register

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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has welcomed the boat registration service from Boat Register as a positive step towards reducing theft and fraud of vessels.

David Wright, Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency commented: “The benefits to society of the Boat Register in establishing the identity and ownership of small boats to protect against fraud and theft and assist in the recovery of stolen assets are endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. I wish every success for the Boat Register as a non-Government measure to protect the assets of small boat owners and improve public safety”.

Boat Register is a service that enables boat owners to register the ownership of their boat, providing a confirmation of the registered keeper. Most importantly, Boat Register provides a tagging system to deter theft and improve traceability of a stolen boat or equipment from a boat. Boat Register is aimed at all pleasure craft from a small dinghy up to a large motor or sailing yacht.

Noble Marine Insurance recommends Boat Register

Boat Register has teamed up with Noble Marine Insurance to encourage clients to register their boat and fit security devices in order to reduce the level of theft and fraud of vessels. Noble Marine Insurance clients get 15% discount off the purchase of security devices – so get a quote for your vessel today!

Noble Marine is a specialist insurance broker providing boat insurance for most types of pleasure craft. Policies and claims are dealt with in-house, by their knowledgeable staff, giving unequalled levels of service. Quotations and cover can be provided on-line, any time of day or night, for most classes of dinghy, windsurfer, RIB, speedboat, narrowboat, rowing boat and jet ski.

For more information or if you require an insurance quotation for your yacht or motor boat, please click on Noble Marine Insurance website.

Boat Register offers a free security check-list at RIBEX

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“RIBEX is the world’s only dedicated RIB show,” says Piers Covill of Boat Register. “There is no better place to ensure that RIB owners are given the best information about keeping themselves and their boat safe and secure, giving themselves the best chance against criminals if their boat is targeted. The latest security packages can ensure peace-of-mind for the same price as two stops at the re-fuelling berth.”

RIBs, their outboards and other equipment are popular targets for thieves. Often poorly secured in remote locations, a large proportion of stolen RIBs are not recovered. In some cases, they can even be shipped abroad before the owner has even reported them missing. A number of simple, practical and reasonably inexpensive measures can deter thieves and aid the police in recovering the vessel and reuniting it with its rightful owner.

At the heart of Boat Register’s system is the free on-line registration service. Serial numbers, bills and even photographs can be logged by any boat owner to prove ownership and aid future identification. To complement the system Boat Register also offers optional hidden electronic tags (similar to pet chipping schemes), and a waterproof, self-powered tracking device that alerts you if your boat is being moved.

“From our point of view, keeping boating accessible is essential,” says Jon Langford, of Noble Marine Insurance. “If total losses are reduced insurance premiums can be kept competitive and crime prevention need not be solely dependent on punitive conditions of storage and usage [like the requirement that boats are stored in approved locations with 24-hour CCTV coverage]. The Boat Register approach marks a sea-change in the provision of practical, efficient and cost effective boat security, something that helps keep everyone happy, not just the insurers.”

For your free boat security check-list visit Piers Covill and the Boat Register Team at stand A2 at RIBEX show in Cowes, Isle of Wight between May 9th to 11th where they will be able to guide you through the most effective means of securing your vessel and highlight some simple things to deter the thieves without punishing your wallet.